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Day 13 of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge! Yay! I have made it to the midway mark. The 13th letter of the alphabet is M and we put in a lot of thought in what to write about. I thought of Morality and Motivation, but finally settled on something that is probably vanishing from this world and even worse from childhood itself. Let’s talk about M for Magic.

Childhood is a magical place where anything and everything is possible. We can become whatever we want and miracles exist. Santa Claus brings us gifts and fairy godmothers turn us into princes and princesses. There is a magical Faraway Tree and a Wishing Chair that can take us to different lands and wizards and witches who can change the world with the swish of a wand. It is a time of wonder and the world is full of magic. As we grow up however, we tend to lose this magic and step into the realms of reason, rationality and logic. Not to say that these are undesirable, but we need to make sure we retain a little bit of that magic in ourselves, for this is the silver lining we grasp at in the toughest of the moments. This is the belief that all will be well in the end – that there is a happy ending to our story.

With increasing stress in our lives and those of our children’s, magic is taking a backseat. More and more children are leading stressful lives and instead of enjoying the wonder of their childhood, they are buried under pressure of performance. So with today’s blog, I would like to exhort to you to bring magic back into your children’s lives and your own. Never forget the importance of imagining far beyond what the rational mind can comprehend.

And before I share my ideas with you, I just want to share a quote, “Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom” – by Socrates.

  1. Hug them and Kiss them and Hold them: hugs and kisses are what make any childhood special. Humans are physical beings. Whichever emotion your child is going through, hugs and kisses will always be appropriate. These are the secret ingredients that create warm memories of childhood. Hearts that are filled with love will never lose their magic and will always believe that they are special.
  2. Connect with Nature: along with your children, connect with nature. Enjoy the sunshine, the rain and the wind. Go out and marvel at the tiny insect and the beautiful flower. Examine the patterns on the leaves. Listen to the birdsong, feel the texture of grass under your bare feet. Teach them to be mindful and engage all their senses and focus on smell, taste and feeling.
  3. Positivity towards Uncertainty: uncertainty is a part of life. You will go through it and so will your children. But it is important that we instill positivity even when nothing seems certain. The belief that things will end well is very important. Whatever the brain says, the heart must believe in a happy ending. Almost all of our fairy tales carry that message. My favourites used to be Russian Folk Tales where Vasilisa the Wise would always tell Prince Ivan not to worry and go to sleep, for “whatever happens at night is never true, you will always find a solution in the morning”.  Or Abba say it perfectly in the song, “I Have a Dream” – “If you see the wonder, Of a fairy tale, You can take the future, Even if you fail”
  4. Believe in guardian angels: this is linked to the thought above. It is important to believe that someone is looking after you. It need not be a person or god – this can come in the form of anything. In my case it has been books. At various turning points of my life, I came across books that guided me through that time. Guardian angels can come in the form of friends or strangers – we just need to keep our hearts and souls open.
  5. Your own goodness will create magic: teach children to never let go of their basic goodness. Tell them that their goodness will come back to them some day. Teach them to “pay it forward” and some day they will also get it back.

Ultimately let your child guide you – for who better to know but them the many wonders of childhood, the magic that is hidden everywhere along the way.


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