Soulmates, the Entire Universe Conspired to Bring Together

Remember Om Kapoor (Shahrukh) in Om Shanti Om, “agar kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho to saari kaynat use tumse milane mein lag jati hai” or the original from The Alchemist “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

So what chance do you think a girl can have against a boy who decides at age 7 that she is his best friend and he wants to spend his life with her? Practically none. At least I didn’t. That’s our story – A match – the Universe conspired to bring together.

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We started school together – in class 1. Our families knew each other and therefore so did we. As far as I was concerned that’s the reason he was invited to my birthday parties. We became close friends in teenage and stayed so till end of school – at which point he decided to come clean with his real feelings – which were quite strong and took me by surprise. (As always like the clueless girl in movies). I was however, quite sure that a) this is no age for a relationship and b) he was definitely not the prince charming I wanted – quite the opposite in fact. (NOT tall, NOT dashing, NOT the extrovert, actually nothing that I expected!) He was more of the guide who advised me on boys and relationships (not surprisingly he always warned me off any of my crushes!!!) (also now I realise, why he advocated the merits of marriage when I was in the “marriage is bad” phase.)

So long story short – I said Sorry, this is not the time and you are not the one I am looking for. BUT we can remain friends, if you want. (Only now I realise how traumatic friendzoning is!) So sure was I that he is not the right guy, I told my dad that IF EVER I fall for him in the future, my dad will remind me and tell me not to marry him!

And then both of us went to Delhi to our different colleges, with a promise to stay in touch. I realized too soon that this fake sort of a friendship wasn’t going to work – it just made him feel worse and so we decided not to meet anymore. And I thought that is THAT!

But what I had not accounted for was the UNIVERSE. The universe that was conspiring behind my back. After two years of not meeting, not talking, we met by a chance. And then he said those magic words, (No, not I love you) – he said, “I have gotten over you”. This sentence had a profound impact on me and I felt like a free bird after years. The guilt that had enveloped me, evaporated instantly.

Next, we met at a friend’s place those summer holidays and to THIS DATE, I don’t know why I told him that I would like to be friends again. We travelled back to Delhi together, with a promise to meet again. And by the time we met the next day, I had fallen in love. (I know, this sounds ridiculous even to me, but that’s how it was – when it is the universe, you can’t really question it).

And that was the start of a relationship so deep and intense – I had not known anything like that before. Busy with our studies, we did not have the luxury of time, and met for a few short hours. These meetings were desperately awaited – and I remember the instant grins that covered our faces, as soon as we sighted each other. Even now, whenever we meet, we cannot hold back the grin!

There was so much to say and so little time! I started to write to him in a notebook, pouring in every little feeling and thought, which I would read out when we met. Emotions so raw and pure and that I find it difficult to read that notebook again. He expressed through his verse. He would give me scraps of paper he wrote on and I would painstakingly copy it out in another diary, dotting it with little flowers and leaves I habitually collected. The two notebooks are now our little treasure – a souvenir of the first year of our relationship – both written in Hindi. Hindi – I know now, is the language of my heart – and English the language of my brain.

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After that one year of pure bliss we had to face the reality of separation – I had to go for further studies. So on I went, both of us realizing that many relationships do not survive the distance. And there were many friends who assured us, this would not last. However, we survived and not for one or two years – but for all of six years as we studied and worked in different cities. And now today, we celebrate our thirteenth Wedding anniversary.

After years of separation and longing, finally we started on our marital journey. (to be fair, my dad did remind me of my earlier wishes!!) As our love matured, we also realized that we were two very different persons. In fact one can say entirely opposite! Starting from food, to choice of entertainment to our right and left brain differences! He loves eating out, I am the daal roti person, he prefers to act on impulse, I can barely move without planning, being on time is sacrosanct for me – an inconvenience for him, he loves to shop, I only bother when I really need something, he likes to spend, I prefer to save, he loves the room chilled, I prefer being warm and cozy (except, on days I want lower temperatures, he is mysteriously feeling cold!)

But we adjusted to each other – adapting and respecting each other’s view point. Our differences and our ability to think beyond them has become our strength. We have, I believe become the wind beneath each other’s wings. Looking not at each other, but towards the same direction.

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I was always pretty sure of never marrying an entrepreneur. But when he decided to tread the tough path of an entrepreneur, I supported him and my job brought the much needed security. When I was offered a good role in Mumbai, he was the one who insisted I take it and that we could manage living separately. Even now, when I think about international positions, he is the one who says go ahead, we will manage. Despite being a compulsive planner, I am learning from him that once you tread a path solutions may follow. The lack of an answer should not stop us from moving ahead.

Our differences make us a stronger unit. When we heard Anvay’s diagnosis, it was he who lifted me. His ability to take it in his stride, brought me out of my sorrow. When he cried bitterly at my father’s passing, I held him and when I wept alone for my father, he held my hand.

Like any couple, we have had our share of differences. In fact we irritate each other all the time. My father used to say that we are like two daggers always pointed at each other – except that the daggers are made of butter. We have also had some big fights. But at the end of the day, when we met after work, neither could suppress the grin that suffused our faces.

So I live comfortably in the knowledge – till the grin remains, we are doing fine.



  1. As I a person who has been with you two for 10 years in School and been to numerous Art competitions with you two, I definitely feel that destiny (or Universe as you say) brought you together. School time crushes very seldom end up like your beautiful love story. Congratulations Sakshi and Kapil and best wishes for a wonderful life.

    • Thanks so much Saurabh! The art competitions also played an important part bringing us together!!

  2. Hi Sakshi, this is lovely.. written from your brain about what’s in your heart.. would love to be reading more and more from you.. cheers!n

  3. बहुत खूब साक्षी. शब्दों का बेहतरीन प्रयोग अपनी भावनाओ को दर्शाने के लिए.. वाकई क़ाबिले तारीफ पोस्ट है ये.. विवाह की वर्षगाँठ की बहुत बहुत बधाई तुम दोनो को..

  4. Sakshi amazing blog but I expected it to be longer… actually there should be a movie on you two. More emphasis on the childhood because that drove me crazy. Sakshi said that, Sakshi did that, Sakshi is coming, I am going to Sakshi… I have his obsession which drove me crazy. More over school grades and board exams too. Kya Kya natak huwe hai… should be documented. Plus those 2 years when you guys were “on-a-break” was all about planning for Kapil. But I agree That universe was truly making it happen for you guys and you were meant to be together. You guys have been a inspiration and a couple to look forward to. Lots of love

  5. Is this story for real? This is one of the most fun love stories I’ve heard in a while. You got the best of both worlds, girl. A good friend and an amazing husband!

  6. This was such a pleasure to read. Such a beautiful piece, so true we can’t go against the universe’s conspiracy. Whatever is bound to happen, will happen!

  7. SAkshi after reading your two post, I become fan of your writing. you write with heart . your lovestory is similar as mine. friendship to love relation then marriage, we too have that same little treasure of our love writing on notebook

  8. all love stories are a treat to read and yours was no less. loved reading every word of it. keep writing.

  9. ” I am learning from him that once you tread a path solutions may follow. The lack of an answer should not stop us from moving ahead.”- such beautiful inspirational line… 😊😊

  10. wow…I was reading the story and feeling like its a bollywood movie! Really its so sweet specially your words to your dad; And you know its I think Girls psychology, when they see a man doesnt feel anymore about them, they started feel for that particular person. Wish you celebrate more and more amazing years together.

  11. This is such a beautiful love story and extremely rare to see it. God bless you guys and happy 13 years of togetherness to you.

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