#inspiringwomen: She Reinvented Herself and Found New Beginnings After Becoming A Mother

Statistics show that as many as 75% of women leave the workforce after having a child. In this post I want to share Tapeshwari’s story, who chose to come back to her passion, because she knew that’s what gave meaning to her life. By writing about her, I am hoping that she is able to inspire women who are at the cusp of deciding the future direction of their lives. All I want to tell them is that the choice is theirs and if they put themselves to it, they can achieve whatever they want. Just like Tapeshwari did!

Grief during Covid – Heal Yourself. Become Whole Again

Since the onset of Covid-19, the world has gone through great misery and grief. The second wave in India led to unbelievable devastation and trauma. Thousands of families across the country went through the ordeal, losing one or more family members. They are grieving today, slowly making their way back to normalcy. It is only when one has gone through grief that they can even begin to understand what it is to grieve and heal. Today I want to share some of my own learnings as well as from others who have gone through the process – if even one person feels comforted by reading this, I will be gratified.

Raise Thinking Individuals. Teach your children to Disagree, Disobey and Dissent

For a functioning and progressing society, dissent is not only important, I believe it is essential. Because only when new theories or new ways of living are introduced, does the society change or move forward. As responsible citizens it is our duty to raise children who are conscious, aware, have opinions and are not afraid to air them, upstanders willing to stand up for a cause and willing to change the world for better.