#blogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal: Raising Capable Children

I started blogging about 2 years ago and due to various reasons I haven’t been very regular. I heard about the Blogchatter A2Z challenge last year and felt that this could help me blog more often. Not only did I love the idea of blogging every day, I also found it a very challenging concept – one that I wanted to accept and complete! Since last year, I have been thinking of what theme to have and given that I primarily like to write about parenting, I decide to keep my first theme around the same topic.

There are many facets to parenting and one could write from many different angles. I believe that one of our key responsibilities as a parent is to bring up independent and capable children. It is not for us to decide what they should become in life or how they should live it. They are individuals with their own minds, needs and aspirations and our only job is to guide them as best as we can. To ensure that they have the right tools with them when they start their journey of life.

And what are these tools? These are the basic attitudes, values and skills we instil in our children. These will help your child regardless of where there are, what they choose to do and how they decide to lead their lives.

These tools are important because they prepare our children to become part of the larger world. We are operating in an incredibly fast changing world and the rate of change is itself accelerating. Ten years ago we didn’t have an idea of the kind of jobs there are in market today and we do not know what career options there may be ten years from now. The best we can do today is to equip our children with life skills and soft skills that will help them negotiate their way through the world and find their place in it, as they grow up. These skills make a big difference to the success a person achieves.

Ultimately, as a parent, I would want to nurture children so that they are informed, are able to take decisions on their own and know what is right for them and the larger good.

So stay tuned for the month of April, and everyday I will share a post on #raisingcapablechildren. Am excited to be part of this journey and look forward to taking on this challenge head on!


What is the #blogchatterA2Z challenge?

In this challenge participants have to write 26 posts , based on a single theme, one post a day, starting with Alphabet A on Day 1, Alphabet B on day 2 and so on till Alphabet Z on day 26. We would write on all days of the month, except Sundays.

Read more about it here.


  1. Love that you have used the word capable and providing them tools. This is exactly what we need in this day. All the best for AtoZ!

  2. […] Well so here we are! Day 1 of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge. This is the first time I am doing this so a little nervous about being able to write everyday of this month. Fingers crossed! I will be writing about raising capable children – a theme close to my heart. I firmly believe that as a parent our aim should be to raise ‘capable’ children – children who are capable of handling what life throws at them, capable to decide what is right or wrong for them and capable enough to lead positive and fulfilling lives. Once we have equipped them with the right attitudes, tools and skills, we should be able to confidently let them set sail on the seas. For more on my theme, you can read my theme reveal. […]

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