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#raisingcapablechildren: X is for Xcellence

I remember being told in my childhood that it is not what you do that matters but how well you do it. Even if it is a lowly job, do it to the best of your capacity. This according to me is excellence. So… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: X is for Xcellence”

#raisingcapablechildren: W is for Wit

“Laughter is the best medicine” – an old saying but relevant for all times. So on the 23rd day of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge, let’s talk about W for Wit. Wit and humor are ingredients that promise to spice up our lives in any given… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: W is for Wit”

#raisingcapablechildren: V is for Versatile

Phew! What a marathon! Blog 22 on the #blogchatterA2Z challenge! So today is V for Versatile. Versatility is basically the ability to adapt to different functions or activities. A versatile person is able to pursue many interests and hobbies, is usually skilled at more… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: V is for Versatile”

#raisingcapablechildren: U is for Unique

“We are all the same, in that we are all unique.” With that let me start my 21st blog on the #blogchatterA2Z challenge – U is for Unique. Each one of us is unique in our looks, appearance, habits, characteristics, nature and behavior. We… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: U is for Unique”

#raisingcapablechildren: T is for Thinking Outside The Box

I have talked a lot of about various attitudes and skills we can inculcate in our children. I also wrote about efficient learning. Today I want to talk about something that comes as naturally to us as breathing – Thinking. My 20th blog for… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: T is for Thinking Outside The Box”

#raisingcapablechildren: S is for Self

We are slowly getting into the homestretch of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge and have reached the letter S. Once again – thanks for being with me on this journey. Today, let’s talk about S for Self. A sense of self starts developing in children between… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: S is for Self”

#raisingcapablechildren: R is for Remembering Your Roots

As the world tends to globalize and we increasingly get exposed to the outer world, I feel we get more and more disconnected with our roots. So on Day 18 of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge, let’s discuss R for Remembering our Roots. I sometimes get… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: R is for Remembering Your Roots”

#raisingcapablechildren: Q is for Questioning

Yeah yeah I know how tiring it can get answering a barrage of questions from your child. But it has never been easier with google and Wikipedia on our finger tips! So let’s encourage the flow of questions and develop a questioning mindset in… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: Q is for Questioning”

#raisingcapablechildren: P is for Perseverance

We have come a long way! Today is blog number 16 of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge and I will talk about P for Perseverance. I believe Perseverance is the single most important factor in determining one’s success in life. Talent, intelligence, IQ, knowledge – all… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: P is for Perseverance”

#raisingcapablechildren: O is for Observant

The quality I am going to write about today is something I wish I was better at. On the 15th day of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge, I will talk about O for Observation. According to the Oxford online dictionary, “observation is the action or process… Continue Reading “#raisingcapablechildren: O is for Observant”