#MommyReviews: “Ji Ma to G Mom” – By Neha Jain

Dear Readers,

Excited to present my first ever book review – “Ji Ma to G Mom” by Neha Jain. The book showcases the life of a present day Mom and will be immediately relatable to all types of parents who rush to Google to solve all of their parenting problems! I started smiling soon after the first few pages, realising that I am as much a G mom as the author herself!

About the Author

Neha is a teacher, a blogger and mom to two lovely kids. This is her first e-book. In her own words, she is, “an imperfect mother in this imperfect world who faces new challenges daily while raising her kids”. How true for all of us I think.

About the Book

The book takes us through the daily experiences and incidents of a parent’s life – the fun times, the trials and tribulations and experiences that teach us life lessons. The book shows us how we can develop our children’s thinking and attitudes using simple everyday occurrences.

The book also talks about how technology is a double edged sword and while it helps us in raising our children in many ways, it also needs to be handled carefully, especially in the hands of our children.

My Review

The book cover is designed in bright catchy colours and the sign of the wifi gives a hint to what the book is all about, though the title may not immediately be obvious.

The content is easy to read and relate. Each chapter or topic is rich with examples from the author’s own life. I really liked the simple way in which the author conveys her thoughts and one can identify with a number of instances related in the book as well as a mother’s dilemma in handling them.

The book covers a wide variety of topics ranging from winning vs. participating; gifting vs. giving; making mistakes and learning from them; speaking your mind but respecting others’ feelings and so on. Each of them talk about handling the delicate balance, which is essential for parenting.

The chapters are independent of each other and one can pick and choose any chapter they feel like.

Hits and Misses

The author has chosen some very relevant issues in the book, but the book would have benefited from tighter editing and better flow. There is scope for improving grammar and the different chapters could have been structured along similar lines. The chapter headings in the contents table do not indicate the contents of the chapter. However, this is not something that is entirely necessary and is the author’s choice.


On the whole it is a great first effort by the author and I wish her the very best for this debut. This book is a part of the #blogchatterEbookcarnival and you can download this book for FREE for a limited period at https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/ji-ma-to-g-mom-by-neha-jain/

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