Abeer – Living with a bratty Toddler!

All of 1.25 Kgs, Abeer stepped into this world 8 weeks early. Tiny and all tubed up – is how Kapil and I saw him for the first time. Our hearts went out to the little one – but almost immediately, both of us commented that he looks like a Rockstar. We were of course not alluding to any good looks – at that size and weight, he could best be described as ugly (barely human) – it was his attitude – there was something in the expression even then, that said, I care two hoots!  We didn’t realise then, how close to the mark we were! Now that he is 15 months, he looks us straight in the eye (with a devilish glint in his own), baiting us, before proceeding to do the exact thing he has been told (requested /pleaded/ begged) not to!!

We shouldn’t be surprised. I think we had enough warning even while he was in the womb. Fetus A. That is how we knew him, through the 32 weeks of my pregnancy. Fetus A was clearly the more feisty one – he was always on the move! I was sure that he was the wild girl I had always wanted. So sure, that I had already chosen a name for him and his twin – Aranya and Arin. Aranya means the forest, the jungle – apt name for my wild girl. Wild he is, girl he was not. Well at least I was right on one count!

Before we get to know Abeer, we need to get back to Arnav – our first born. A totally sweet tempered child, who never kept us awake during the night, who was so absolutely well behaved whether at home or outside that everyone was amazed. Baby proofing? No need! Protecting walls? Absolutely not! Toy shop tantrums? Never! Public embarrassment? Out of the question! People commended us on how well we were raising our baby! We credited the sweet nature of our child – but somewhere we were sure some credit must also go to us! If nothing else, at least our genes must have something to do with having the perfect child! But how wrong we were! Come Abeer, and any self-congratulatory thoughts we had about our parenting have been thrown out the door!

Even before he learnt to roll or sit, he had mastered all the bullying sounds ever. Aaiiih???AAiihh? AAIIhh? AAIIHH!!!! Screaming with an increasing volume and pitch, he sure knew how to get attention, without moving a limb. Nana and nani, two people devoted to him, were the most abused as well! There was no way nani could save her spectacles or bindi from being snatched away. These days, she is filling in as the pole Abeer uses to slide down the bed.

And let us not even talk about his treatment of the younger twin. I don’t think he even realizes that Anvay is also a living being. (or if he does, he has clearly decided to ignore that) He likes to go and plonk himself directly on Anvay’s face. If Anvay has a pacifier in his mouth, Abeer would surely pull it out and put it in his own. These days he loves to snatch the milk bottle out of Anvay’s mouth and either start drinking from it or put on its cap. Pulling his hair, crawling over him or sitting on him are totally normal in the course of the day.

And what about the sweet tempered elder brother? Well, on more than one occasion (multiple actually), Arnav has come crying to me, complaining how Abeer is bothering him – he has either slapped Arnav or is sitting in the middle of some game he is playing or maybe torn the current book he is reading. While Arnav is quite protective about Anvay, he looks at Abeer as his equally able opponent!! Since last week, Arnav has been the Jaeger and Abeer the Kaiju (those who have seen Pacific Rim will know what I am talking about)


And did I say, we didn’t believe in baby proofing? Really? Well, I am reconsidering. After having just learnt to walk, he leaves a trail of destruction behind him. Any room he decides to visit – is left ransacked. I think he would put Mahmud Ghazni (or was it Ghouri)  to shame. Oh and wait – once you see him pick up an object and send it sailing across the room – you would agree that he has a bright future in discus throwing.

But seriously can I blame him? There is clearly nothing else that is more exciting. I wonder really about the claims made by toy companies – how well researched each toy is – the colours, the texture, the sensory and gross motor skills the baby will develop etc etc. Well let me tell them, they are WRONG!  They have absolutely no clue what their target group likes – it is usually not toys. (Even the wrapping paper is preferred to the actual toy!) By the way, tearing the day’s fresh newspaper is one of his favourite past times :-/


A toddler first of all loves the dustbin – the more full it is, the better he can throw things about. Second is a boring black laptop or a phone. No, it doesn’t have to be on. It will still attract the baby. Third – household cutlery – tell me one child who would prefer a toy truck over a sharp fork. And such fun in pulling out all utensils from the drawer and throwing them – have you heard the lovely sound that makes? Can any electric toy even compare with that sound? And now that it is summer – an open fridge will attract them like bees to honey. I cannot open the fridge without him getting between my legs and trying to pull out everything in sight. I can write pages….

And don’t think he doesn’t know what he is doing. He does. Very much. And then to make up, he turns on his full charm. He knows very well the effect of his lop sided smile, or his adorably cute singing and dancing routine (mix of bhangra and pop – we told you he is a rockstar, didn’t we?) and if that doesn’t work he starts walking backwards on the bed, spurring every adult in vicinity into action.

He is our source of non stop entertainment in his waking hours. Well no, even in his about to sleep hours – remember Sid from Ice Age? Yes? Remember the scene where he was trying to go to sleep? No? Look at this. Well this is exactly how Abeer goes off to sleep! Flipping and flopping on the bed – tossing around the entire length and breadth, before he finds a position and spot he is comfortable in. And mercifully he sleeps then. And so do we, happy at having survived another day! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

P.S. tell me your toddler stories too!


  1. One of his sleeping photos has a clear message to you guys!
    “It’s not done, be ready for next morning”. Ha ha! Totally loved it.

  2. Loved this blog! Reminded me of Prakrit who could break the Leo Mattel toy gun made of “unbreakable matetial” within minutes, and who tore a picture book, which the shop owner had demonstrated could not be torn, by trying to pull the pages vertically and horizontally. The trick, said the little imp, was to hold the pages diagonally and pull!

  3. Simply loved this article..
    cant stop laughing after imagining the situations.
    My little one must be of same age and she is also mischievous. Since 6 months i hv not used any of the makeup products as i dont find thm..
    Its like a tresure hunt to find a comb 😜
    She loves to join people in the bathroom ( my elder one always says – can i poo alone 😂)
    Its really entertaining to see all these acts..
    Beautifully expressed ✌🏻

  4. Ohh!! That Glint in his eyes and the smile – that was the highlight of the blog!!
    Well, he seems to be, nearly the same level as my younger one!! I remember when he started crawling, his favourite location used to be under the chair or the table and we had to literally drag him out!! As he started to walk around we experienced artificial snow in our kitchen, or that’s what he thought when he put a packet of flaked rice on his head and the complete floor of the kitchen!! When he started to hold the pencil, our walls became his canvas, and we could clearly make out how early men drew pictures on their cave walls!! On some of his sketches he later decided to put a dab of colour too!!😳😳😳 and a few comments when he learned to write the alphabets😳😳😳 In short our walls became Picassosque masterpieces!!
    I can also go in writing about his antics – not to mention his affinity for utensils of all shapes and sizes!!

    I relived those moments with this blog!! Very enjoyable and total fun!!!

  5. 8 weeks early?? You must have gone through a lot as I read in your post. And toddler years are the best time of kids for sure.

  6. These days kids are like that, with so much involvement from our side, they are just a source of love and entertainment! mine is 2 and already a rockstar with all his fun stories and interpretations.

  7. We dont realise but kids bring so much joy and entertainment to out life with their antics. Love to your son.

  8. Aww how beautifully you described your baby and his antics. A toddler is nothing more than a rebel and sometimes i feel mine has dual personality.. innocent at a moment and wild at the other.

  9. it is wonderful to see kids blossom into wonderful beings really like his smile. I enjoyed the incidents that you have mentioned, my kids have grown and so I miss these little moments a lot.

  10. I totally get you as I go through the same. But they know they can escape all mischiefs by a broad smile and with their charm.

  11. I guess the first borns are always the calmer ones!! Your little toddler looks so cute. This is the age to enjoy their mischief! I did that with my little one. Once he joined play school i realised he was a calmer kids than others of his age group!

  12. Indeed a rockstar, what a wonderful boy! I am so touched reading your motherhood journey and hat’s off mumma. Lots of love and kisses to the little rockstar.

  13. Being a mom of twins myself I can so relate with this post. It’s indeed a roller coaster. Loved the pics of your kids. They are adorable.

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