A new year… and new hope…

Another year has begun and it is time to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the new year. As I look back, I realise it is actually two years and not one, two years that are rolled into one. I cannot remember when one ended and the other began. Two years that were no short of a turbulent albeit exhilarating roller coaster ride. Two years that were at the same time very challenging and equally joyful. Going from a difficult twin pregnancy to premature babies to discovering that one of them has special needs – we pretty much covered a wide spectrum of experiences and emotions in the last two years!

2016 began with a wish for a new baby and ended with two little bundles of joy! The grandparents, parents and the little ‘big’ brother were as pleased as they could be. 2017 went by in a whirlwind of managing babies Abeer and Anvay! Everyone pitched in – grandparents, mausi-mausa and even big bro Arnav! He loved carrying them around like his personal dolls!

The twins are now a year old – and I feel I am able to look up and breathe a little, reflect some and  share some more.

The last eight years have been awesome fun with our first born Arnav – we just loved the little bundle of joy and I was surprised at the strong love that such a little thing could evoke in me! We decided to be ‘cool’ parents i.e. not hold back on doing anything, just because we now had a small baby. Arnav watched his first movie with us at less than 2 months of age! And before he turned 1, he went on a trip to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur in the bitter December cold! We were not daunted by the fact that the train that we had tickets for, changed its route and avoided our stop completely!! We nevertheless took a 7 hour bus ride to Jodhpur, followed by another long bus ride (this time in a local bus with open windows) to Jaisalmer – all with a big suitcase, a big pram and a 10 month old!!

So to cut a long story short – we loved parenting so much that we wanted more (well one more) and were gifted with two!! And it is great fun but a lot of hardwork too 🙂 But we have decided not to be overwhelmed by the hard work and follow the same policy of not stopping fun because of the babies. So in their first year, the twins have watched most of the new movies, been twice to Jaipur, been all the way to San Francisco and back (2 infants in a long haul flight – GAWD!) and to Bombay. And we are hoping for more adventures this year 😉

But why am I writing a blog? Because I have realised over the last two years, that this is becoming one of the best ways to reach out to people – whether those I know or those that I want to know. I am one of those people that immediately resort to google when faced with a question – and the number of searches I did in the last two years would have probably surpassed all my searches before that! I looked up everything from conceiving, to having a healthy pregnancy to all the horrors that can happen with premature delivery to managing premature babies and finally to understanding the number of medical terms that were coming our way once we found that all was not right with Anvay. I also read personal stories of people who were in similar situations – some gave me hope, some scared me, some gave me useful information. I also scoured blogs on creative ideas, birthday ideas and everything was there for taking. However, I found very few people who were blogging from India.

So here I am, wanting to share my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, learnings with all those who would like to connect. This is my first post – already delayed by about 3 weeks (Hazard of being a Triple A mom – unable to finish anything in time) and I would love for you to connect with me, encourage me and share your ideas and stories as well!


Thanks so much for reading! Please comment, share and spread the word!

Regards, Sakshi aka tripleamommy
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  1. It was a joy to read this blog. Have come across very few blogs talking about parenting. Looks like I will have to follow this blog now.

  2. Really a lot of lessons.

    Showing courage when its needed – is what you have done.

    Yes it’s AAA+. Great to see the pride you took in parenting.

  3. Simply awesome! Loved reading this as I could feel the love of a parent and fine n positive spirit of a triple mommy. Will definitely share with all parents I know!

  4. Wonderful blog. Keep writing. First time Moms, experienced Moms, Moms -to -be will all empathise with you. Motherhood has its cherished moments and its heart breaks. You have brought it out so well in your blog.

    • Thanks a lot Vandana mausi! Do read and follow and share also on your timeline. Will also value your comments on the writing aspect.

  5. wow sakshi….such wonderful n emotional writeup… i relived my past 7 year similar mommy life as i read ur blog word by word… also remembered ur school essays which i always looked upto, my dear friend… and yes kudos to u dear triple mommy…

  6. Parenting, I guess brings out one of the strongest reactions/emotions from most of the parents. It is invariably a swing between the highs and the lows. It is so heartening to read that you, have not let the highs and lows, not affect the decisions that you have made. One very big element that gets into the head of parents ( including us) is “fear”. It is so motivating to read that you were able to discard the “fear” or meet “fear” head on!!
    Please continue blogging and sharing your experiences. Please do not hold back on expressing the emotions that you went through, both positive and the “perceived negative”!!
    Maybe later on you can think of adding videos!!

    • Thanks a lot Somraj! Do keep reading and encouraging. Can I also please request you to share this among your network in the UAE? Thanks!

  7. Nice nice! Waiting to hear more of it from you, though I know it all. You express beautifully in words and bring it back to life- something which I lack.

  8. Very inspiring and touching at the same time… you words resonate even though I can hardly claim to have been anywhere close to your experiences in life with parenting…

  9. It’s really nice babhi to read ur blog u express ur view beautifully love to AAA….kids…..from Nidhi

  10. Thoughts very well put into words. I am a witness for the last seven years. Really feel proud of you .

  11. Very well written Sakshi. I must say I don’t get the time to read a lot though I will def keep on the lookout for your blogs. I will also share them with my network here and I am sure you will find several similar stories straight from the heart.

  12. Hi Sakshi,
    I went thru ur post on Leela Mam’s request and really loved every word of ur writing and the spirit of ur being. I loved the spirit with which u have described ur Jodhpur Jaisalmer trip, when u enjoyed even taking bus rides to reach the destination…along with a 10 month old Arnav!! Reading ur blog made me relive my years of early motherhood. It’s the challenges and the spirit with which you take them that really makes every challenge an adventure!!
    Enjoy ur babies as much as you can bcos, as i read somewhere, very soon they become kids, teenagers, adults!!
    Happy blogging!

  13. Greetings!
    Your blog was certainly a great read!
    The instant I read this part -“we loved parenting so much…”, I was inspired. I have seen people cribbing about parenting all the time. This is no criticism; I do respect them as well because parenting is the toughest job. But, reading your perspective might help them focus on the positive side and enjoy parenting. If you are interested to contribute to a national magazine as a guest columnist, please let me know.
    To Your Best!

    • Thanks a lot Kanan for your comment! I would be happy to contribute – sounds like a great opportunity. Will connect with you separately 🙂

  14. Dear Sakshi now that your second blog is here congratulations and thanks for fulfilling my wish that you venture into writing.Loved reading your lovely expressions.My good wishes are always with you.wish to see your blogs in a book form some day.

  15. Thank you for sharing your journey. Being twins we cherish the bond, but obviously never experienced the ups and downs of twin parenting! You’re doing awesome <3

  16. Sakshi, i read all your blogs.. very thought provoking and makes you want to read more (the fact that I went through all of them at one go says it all)….glad you are taking time out from a hectic AAA mommy’s world to take time to reflect and more importantly be positive, is great! I look forward to more of your reads.. all the best!

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  18. Hey we are all in the same boat. My blog is a lot about encouraging women through my experiences and learnings … Let’s connect.

  19. I must say you are an amazing parents giving space for baby to grow and over rulings which is needed nowadays. Looking forward to learn more from your experience

  20. You are brave courage.I used to take care and teach in special school and telling you the truth it’s make me scare in my pregnancy that I am not gifted with special needed baby . It’s not that something wrong in kids but I use to cry in school to see them in that condition ,worry abt the parents.
    Need a big heart,courage to be special kid parents.

  21. you are one brave momma, travelling in extreme conditions with a 10 month ld and then infants! I also have a habit of Googling everything and reading up every single thing. I know how much i felt the guilt when I wasn’t being able to breastfeed properly! More power to you.

  22. You are a really brave and inspiring to all of us parents out there. There is so much to learn from your blog. I am looming forward to more.

  23. This is such a beautiful account of your journey of motherhood. Parenting is not easy and you certainly had your plate full but kudos to you and your family for all.

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