Today, we have a guest post from Himali Mirchandani. She has an educational background of M.C.A and professional software development experience and teaches all ages computing technology. She also teaches juniors English and Maths. She is passionate about holistic health, especially Yog and Ayurved. Her voluntary activities include making senior citizens overcome their fear of technology. Women’s issues have a very special place in her heart.


This post is part of #breakthebiasbloghop hosted by Sakshi Varma and Rakhi Jayshankar, powered by Beetees Chocolates.


  1. A beautiful poem filled with deep truths that Himali has brought so simply to the fore – will surely resonate with women.

  2. Beautiful poem Himali. Good reminder for all of us to take the time and build self-awareness.

  3. I like how your verse summarises the lives of two seemingly different women, but struggling with similar issues – and how in the end it is most important to nurture our own selves.

  4. Agree with you, Himali.
    Well expressed.
    Women must always be aware of their self-worth and learn to value themselves.
    Self-care and balance is needed.

  5. What a beautiful poem, it made me take a pause and reread it just for its beauty and inner meanings sake. Yes IKIGAI totally helps. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem Himali

  6. A very insightful write. We have to set an example for our generations to come. My mother broke the bias even before that when she joined AMC and was one on the 1st 3 women to join the army. My father broke the bias 52 years ago. He had distributed sweets to the whole hospital when I was born 52 years ago and he did the same when my daughter was born. Daughters were not a welcome sight then. A couple was considered unlucky if a daughter was born. He led by example and taught people to celebrate as Laxmi had come and that a daughter is as valuable as a son. Can you pls read my article https://rntalksllp.com/international-womens-day-break-the-bias/ and share your feedback. looking fwd to it. regards

  7. Beautiful poem Himali . truely said we should set aside some time to unwind. We can put a lot of strain on ourself if we don’t decompress and recharge. Find what helps us to relax and devote time to it, whether it’s spending the day in bed or outside in nature.

  8. We all need to walk hand in hand to reach the next leap of the world, and by doing that we are not only ourselves but also thousands of women who just need a hand or a support gesture. Very beautifully penned.

  9. Not only women, men also needs to walk on the path of self-awareness and balance to bring harmony and equality in the world.

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