Month: June 2020

#mommyreviews: ” The Woman That I Am”

Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed my first book review and here I am with my second review. The second book that I chose from the #blogchatterEbookcarnival was “The Woman That I am”, an anthology curated lovingly by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul. It… Continue Reading “#mommyreviews: ” The Woman That I Am””

#MommyReviews: “Ji Ma to G Mom” – By Neha Jain

Dear Readers, Excited to present my first ever book review – “Ji Ma to G Mom” by Neha Jain. The book showcases the life of a present day Mom and will be immediately relatable to all types of parents who rush to Google to… Continue Reading “#MommyReviews: “Ji Ma to G Mom” – By Neha Jain”